Who is Shawn Bandz?

Shawn Bandz originates from Columbus, Ohio. The rapper, producer and songwriter/ghostwriter began his musical journey at the young age of 7, listening to the sounds of Nas, 2Pac, Canibus and others. At the age of 17 he embarked on his musical journey by signing a record deal and going through artist development. By 18 he was in the top 100 artists on the MySpace charts. After his contract ended, he stayed independent and purchased his own studio equipment and began recording hundreds of acts, releasing 6 independent projects, thousands of YouTube views, a variety of listens, he decided to start his own record company named “DreamLyfe Records, LLC”.  With all the various dynamics Shawn Bandz brings to the table, of course we can expect a new project from the artist. The first official album from Shawn Bandz entitled Sleep Deprivation is set to drop Summer '16 be on the look out!